Reuse Of Needles, Other Unsterilized Medical Equipment Likely Cause Of HIV Outbreak In Pakistani City, Officials Say

Fox News: Hundreds of Pakistani children test positive for HIV after rogue doctor reused syringes, report says
"Health officials in a southern Pakistani city say a rogue pediatrician's reuse of syringe needles has led to nearly 900 children testing positive for HIV since an epidemic began earlier this year, according to a Saturday report..." (Betz, 10/27).

The Hill: 900 children test positive for HIV in Pakistani city
"...Since April, about 1,100 citizens have tested positive for HIV, including 900 patients under 12 years old. Health officials suspect the real numbers could be much higher. Officials arriving to the city discovered that many of the infected children were patients of the same pediatrician, Muzaffar Ghanghro, who served many of the city's poorest families..." (Axelrod, 10/26).

New York Times: Panic in Pakistani City After 900 Children Test Positive for HIV
"...Mr. Ghanghro was arrested and charged by the police with negligence, manslaughter and causing unintentional harm. But he has not yet been convicted, and in an interview with the New York Times, he insisted he is innocent and has never reused syringes. ... Health officials now say that Mr. Ghanghro is unlikely to be the sole cause of the outbreak. Visiting health workers saw many cases of doctors reusing syringes and I.V. needles. Barbers take the same razor to the faces of multiple customers, they said, and roadside dentists crack away at patients' teeth on sidewalks with unsterilized tools..." (ur-Rehman/Abi-Habib, 10/26).


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