Trump Administration's Expanded Mexico City Policy Hinders HIV/AIDS Response Among Women, Girls, Planned Parenthood Officials Say

Planned Parenthood Global/Medium: A Catch-22 for Women and Girls: How the Global Gag Rule Attacks the HIV/AIDS Response
In this post, Chloë Cooney, senior director of strategy and programs for Planned Parenthood Global, and Caitlin Horrigan, director of global advocacy for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, discuss the impact of the expanded Mexico City policy, or "global gag rule," on HIV prevention among women worldwide. The authors write, "Our own research found that the global gag rule disrupts the delivery of health services in areas of the world that are most in need, rolls back progress made in countries that have fought to advance access to health care and human rights, and weakens national coalitions by breaking up long-standing partnerships and making it harder for groups to collaborate" (12/4).


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