Learn more about AIDS


     How to Protect Oneself 

  • In sexual encounters, use methods of protection which are in keeping with your values and beliefs;
  • Reduce the number of one’s sexual partners;
  • If one develops sores, lumps or warts or a discharge from the anus, vagina or penis, contact the nearest Health Service. These could be symptoms of an STI. 
  • If you inject drugs, avoid sharing syringes and needles. 


      Not transmitted                                                                                       

  • By perspiring
  • By kissing
  • By shaking hands
  • By sharing glasses or cutlery
  • By sitting on a bus seat
  • By donating blood
  • From the air



  • Through Vaginal Sex
  • Through Oral Sex
  • Through Anal Sex
  • By Sharing needles 
  • By transfusions of infected blood 
  • In Mother-to-baby contact during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding 
  • By using unsterilized infected sharp instruments 


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