The Mission of the group is to restore the integrity of people living with HIV/AIDS by offering them: acceptance, respect, orientation and hope 


The AAVE Group works to bring about its mission though the following objectives:


1. Support people with HIV/AIDS  

- To befriend and offer human, moral, spiritual and social support to people with HIV/AIDS by visiting them in their homes, hospitals or in prison;

- To be with them wherever they are. Through home visits we get firsthand knowledge and are sensitized to a harsh and painful reality, a way of life for so many.  

- To provide them with psychological support and legal advice;

- To refer them to hospitals, clinics, Social Security Offices and other services;

- To contribute to raising their self-confidence, mental and physical health, by providing them with courses, activities, training, skills and opportunities for self-support.


2. Provide information / education on HIV/AIDS prevention

- To give talks on HIV/AIDS and its prevention in schools, church groups, youth groups, community groups and companies;

- To welcome visitors to the AAVE Center and provide them with information on the AAVE Group and/or HIV/AIDS;

- To keep its members informed and updated on all aspects of HIV/AIDS by attending courses, workshops, conferences etc. 


3. Be involved in lobbying activities 

- To take part in events organized to defend the rights of people with HIV/AIDS;

- To participate in health councils in order to strive to protect human rights;

- To use the media, including international networking, as a means of political pressure. 



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