AAVE Group participate in Organizational Development course

From January 18-25, 2020, the AAVE Group in Goiânia, Brazil, participated in an Organizational Development course given by Ronan White, Director of Development for the Sisters of St Louis. The course aimed to develop the organizational capacity of the Sisters of St Louis in Brazil and the AAVE Group team in order to design and develop proposals for multi-annual development initiatives.

The course was divided into three stages:
1. Organizational development with the AAVE Group core members. During this phase, the participants studied what the outputs, outcomes and impacts of a project are. Measuring the results of a project, baselines, indicators and the importance of monitoring and evaluation, were also discussed.
2. Monitoring and evaluation in the context of social projects. Several exercises were conducted to understand where the AAVE Group is strategically positioned and what steps it should take to better serve its target group and achieve its strategic objectives.
3. Solutions to the challenges faced by the AAVE Group. The members of the AAVE Group were helped to identify solutions to three of its greatest immediate challenges.

A highlight of the course was the performance of the SWOT analysis by employees and volunteers. Through this exercise, AAVE identified its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. These will lead us to define future goals and objectives and will be extremely important to monitor the result of our work in the coming years.

The course proved to be of great relevance for the AAVE Group in order to develop high quality multi-annual social projects in the coming years.

It wasn´t all work and no play! One day we visited the culture-rich and historical Town of Goiás, about 200 kms from AAVE, which was declared “Patrimony of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2001.

We are very grateful to Ronan and to the Sisters of St Louis. We are grateful too to Misean Cara who co-financed the course.




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