UNAIDS Welcomes Decision To Hold 23rd International AIDS Conference Virtually

UNAIDS: UNAIDS supports decision to hold the 23rd International AIDS Conference virtually, hopes that HIV2020 can be held in some form
"UNAIDS welcomes the decision by the International AIDS Society to hold the 23rd International AIDS Conference in July as a virtual gathering and hopes that the key population networks organizing the HIV2020 conference can find an alternative solution to hold their conference. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, AIDS 2020: Virtual, organized by the International AIDS Society, will enable the participants to access and engage with the latest HIV science, advocacy, and knowledge, and to do so safely. ... AIDS 2020: Virtual will allow the participants to engage in virtual sessions, satellites, exhibitions, podcasts, and interactive community networking from anywhere in the world. It is hoped that HIV2020 will be held in a similar way..." (3/27


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