The doctor with the magic touch

We now move to the 1990s. Dr David Ho, Time Magazine’s 1996 Person of the Year and personal doctor to basketball legend Magic Johnson, talks to our host, Femi Oke, about his role in developing pioneering combination drug therapy. This treatment breakthrough helped transform HIV from a likely death sentence into a manageable condition if you had access to care and medication.We are also joined by three HIV activists who were all diagnosed young and kept their status a secret for many years: •

 Doreen Moraa Moracha, social media influencer from Kenya, who was born with HIV in 1992•

 Nathaniel Hall, star of television’s ''It’s a Sin'', which tells the story of the early years of AIDS in the UK, on his HIV diagnosis at age 16•

 Shawn Decker, POZ magazine blogger, musician and educator, who contracted HIV as a child through the use of blood products to treat haemophilia. Plus, hear about the latest scientific advances from IAS 2021 – the 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science – that are revolutionizing treatment, as well as prevention. These include leveraging long-acting implants and injections so that people no longer have to rely on daily pills.ViiV Healthcare: NP-GBL-HVU-PCST-210004Date of preparation: June-2021



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