The AAVE Group – AIDS: SUPPORT, LIFE, HOPE was founded at the end of 1995 when a small group of people with similar vision came together to respond to the pleas of people living with HIV/AIDS in Goiânia and the surrounding areas in mid-western Brazil.  The AAVE Group is a registered nonprofit NGO. Some of its members are carriers of the HIV virus and all are in solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS. 


The name “AAVE,” (pronounced “ave” which in Portuguese means “bird”) was chosen at the end of 1995 when the Group was founded. AAVE - AIDS: Support, Life, Hope - has great significance for people living with HIV/AIDS, as well as for all members of the Group, the objective of which is to provide support, life and hope to carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus. The bird symbolizes freedom, peace and hope. The red ribbon held in its beak is the international symbol for the fight against AIDS. 


Initially, the AAVE Group limited its activities to home and hospital visits. As time went on and the demands grew, it became evident that the Group needed a fixed location in order to welcome and support people living with HIVAIDS. In the year 2000, Immaculate Conception Parish in Campinas offered the AAVE Group a small room where it operated for two years. With increasing demand for its services, it became necessary to find a larger space. Consequently, in 2002 the Group bought a suitable house with ample room to provide the various activities for those living with HIV/AIDS. 





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